Other applications for thermal lances

As the melting and conversion process takes place within a furnace, there are different indicators that show management how the overall process is going. However, despite today's advances, it is still necessary to rely on the experience of the operators and also on less hard indicators. One way to obtain these less direct indicators and to be able to "look" inside the smelting furnaces is through the inspection peepholes.

In general operation, accretions are often generated in the inspection windows (especially in converters and tilting furnaces), which prevents a proper inspection of the furnace interior, making it difficult to make decisions regarding the internal operation of the furnace.

This situation also occurs in the burners of copper refining furnaces, where it is often necessary to close this hole with "clay", as if it were a passage.

To remedy this situation, Trefimet has a wide range of thermal lances for cutting and drilling, which, thanks to their concentrated energy, have the capacity to easily and quickly clean and remove the accretions that may form in the inspection windows, in the refining furnaces or even in the exit of metal and slag passages.