The world has undergone drastic changes, where the availability of raw materials and maritime transport affect prices and reduce the ability of companies to react in a timely manner.

That is why it is necessary to have strategic partners that fulfill the promises of supply in time, quality and that manage to ensure operational continuity. In this and more, we can help you.


We are a Chilean company with more than 20 years in the thermal lance engineering industry, which focuses on designing and developing the manufacture of high-performance thermal lances, where their different configurations allow optimal performance in the different tasks carried out inside of a foundry, both in cutting and drilling for melting materials.

Our products respond to the needs of our customers, who are in 23 countries and on 5 continents. We work with interdisciplinary teams, privileging the integration of technology, process management and highly qualified personnel, which positions us as leaders in the area, both in Chile and in the world.


Safety, quality and productivity are the fundamental pillars of our company, and you can see it reflected in our products and services.

Our commercial team team oversees maintaining constant communication with users to provide both technical and commercial solutions.

The after-sales team provides the customer with training in the use of our products, which can be done both in person and virtually in our streaming room, specially designed for telematic meetings.

Innovation is not far behind in this regard. We have a research and development department dedicated and autonomous to the operation, where our team of engineers finds new solutions and technologies for the tapping process.

To accompany this creative process, we have a metallurgical laboratory, equipped to carry out different types of tests, which has the capacity to transmit to our clients the development of a test in real time, via streaming.

The production department is responsible for manufacturing our lances under strict quality standards, while the logistics area ensures that the processes of packaging, dispatch and foreign trade service are aligned with the satisfaction of our customers.


Trefimet is a company of the future, which develops thermal lances and related products such as lance holders, extensions, among others, with novel and inventive characteristics, which has allowed it to win invention patents in more than 20 countries around the world.