Changing or cleaning tuyeres is a highly precise and expensive job, as it generally implies loss or reduction in production.

Trefimet has extremely precise thermal lances, which allow tuyeres to be cleaned, avoiding their replacement, while the furnace is in operation and, for tuyeres change tasks, it can also carry out disassembly work very quickly and precisely. This means that the furnace stoppages for this concept are of less time with the consequent increase in availability.


The accretions that form in the evacuation channels of a furnace are a problem because they obstruct the flow and it is difficult to remove them as soon as they are formed, because they are normally submerged under the flow of the same material, which does not allow seeing the exact place where the operators must attack to cut them or simply melt them. The thermal lances immersed in the molten material tend to cut their external tubes by melting or igniting it, since the iron reaches its ignition temperature, cutting off the advance of oxygen towards the tip of the thermal lance, which is where it should remove accretion.

Trefimet thermal lances are designed so that in the event of a cut in the outer tube that makes up the lance, the flow of oxygen continues towards the tip of the lance through its tubular inserts, allowing it to continue doing its job at the required point. These thermal lances are also used to clean the cold channels.


It is common for accretions to form on the inspection windows of smelting furnaces. With the appropriate Trefimet thermal lance you can clean quickly, precisely, and safely. 


The job of cleaning ladles in steel mills can be found in any of the following situations:

  1. Cleaning of ladles when the slag is positioned on the nozzle and/or the porous plug.
  2. Ladles cleaning in normal condition, accurately and quickly.
  3. Cleaning of ladles with high alloy or high carbon content Steel
  4. Cleaning of ladle containing Steel with a temperature lower than the ignition of iron (870°C).

Trefimet has thermal lances that can operate efficiently in any of these conditions.


When it remains, for example, cover the bottom of the ladles and then cool down, this material can be reprocessed if it is cut to suitable measures so that they can be reintegrated into the furnace.

Trefimet has thermal lances to cut bottoms of ladles of any type of material.


For the openings of nozzle, Trefimet has concentrated energy lances to carry out precise cleaning in any diameter.